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Patient Satisfaction

Our proven internet tool has processed over 100,000 patient feedback reports.

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Why our system works: We provide a real time solution to patient satisfaction. Patients receive an e-mail invitation to provide feedback regarding their recent visit. An embedded link means the patient needs only to click and the survey is immediately opened. The survey takes less than two minutes to complete. Once the patient clicks on "submit", the data is instantly available to the office manager for review. Data is presented in graphs along with detailed comment reports.

HIPAA compliant software insures that sensitive information is not revealed without patient consent.

What does not work: Too often patient satisfaction surveys are geared around non measurable questions. Surveys are filled in by hand and must be turned back to the receptionist or mailed in. Patients are in a hurry, forms get lost, and valuable feedback is not provided. The medical office has spent thousands of dollars in training, phone systems, software, and does not know if it is making a difference.

You can select from our proven survey templates or have a customized survey developed.

Your questions answered: Your reports will show you how well your front office is running, is there an issue with billing? Is the waiting room comfortable? Was the patient treated by the medical staff with compassion and professionalism? Would the patient refer other family members and friends to your facility?

Our surveys are also available in Spanish. All data is reported in English or Spanish.